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Yeah! I’ll be back at the “Mendonca Building Courtyard”-1126 Smith St. Honolulu 96817,(Chinatown)for the 1st Friday Art Event again next month, 3/2/12 from 5-10pm. The Courtyard is located off Maunakea AND Smith St. (2 entrances), near Hotel St. Look carefully, as it’s an INTERIOR Courtyard, & easy to miss unless you look in. There are also loft galleries & a Vintage Shop upstairs, so look for those signs,too. In addition, Mark’s Garage will be hosting a fun “Biergarten,” including live music, food & of course, BEER at the end, IN the courtyard area. I’ll be there again with my art, prints, jewelry & more. I will be having another give-away drawing, so be sure to stop by & drop your business card in my box & I’ll let you know if you’ve won. February’s winner was Sarah Jo from San Francisco! Congratulations, Sarah!!! Really hope to see you there!

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Well, here it is! The signage is now up & out for all to see that Glitter Gypsy’s Art & Adventures is now officially OPEN  FOR BUSINESS!!! I’m so excited to begin sharing my art & studio with my clients!

Currently, I’m offering one-on-one private art classes FOR ALL LEVELS!! I mean it, sincerely, when I say that you need absolutely NO art experience, just a desire to be creative & express yourself in a very freeing, opening & non-judgemental setting. I have found nothing short of miracles unfold as I have worked with women of all ages, all backgrounds, all levels describe their experiences & revelations after just one workshop! You see, ART, in all it’s many forms, is a tool that allows you to access & mine all sorts of emotions, ideas & revelations that are simply not available to the conscious, busy, chattering mind. When we let go of our expectations, to-do lists & “responsibilities,” if only for a little while, something magical happens…..hours slip away…..the mind settles & it just feels really good!

You get to design your menu. Now, wait, DO NOT let that scare you!!! What I mean by that, is you get to decide what type of art form that you would like to create during your session. Not to worry, I will walk you through every step, if needed & give you space if that’s what you prefer. But, I’ll be there for YOU. Some of your choices are: Collages & Mandalas, Personal memory boxes,shrines, & “nichos”(beautiful tin & glass “shrines” from Mexico,) embellished vintage trunks & cigar boxes, paintings, jewelry design & creation, & even more. I provide all of the materials, studio space (high on a ridge in Hawaii Kai-Honolulu with ocean & mountain views from every room to inspire you,) & personalized instruction.

I will also be posting my fall workshop schedule soon, so subscribe to my site, & you’ll be FIRST to receive the latest info. The workshops will be small & personalized, so you can receive all of the assistance & attention that you desire.

The cost for private classes is $50.00/per hour, with a minimum of  2-3 hours recommended. All materials, as I stated previously, are provided, with the exception of  trunks & cigar boxes. There is an additional fee for those, or you may bring your own. Please feel free to email or call with any questions.

The group workshops will be starting in late September/early October & will run 1 Saturday a month from 10:30-6:00. Each month we will have a new project or “theme.” The group workshops will be $75.00 for the entire day, including materials, with the exception of  vintage trunks/ boxes/tins (*additional fee for these or you may provide your own.)

I am so happy to be starting this new series~~”The Women’s Spiritual Creativity Series,”~~designed to inform, teach, inspire & support women in a creative & safe setting. Think of this as the modern woman’s “quilting bee, card club or afternoon tea circles” that our Mothers & Grandmothers used to do to bond & connect with their “sisters.” I hope that you will consider these offerings as a gift for yourself & your girlfriends or colleagues.

Testimonials from previous students:

“My nicho came out nothing like I’d planned. First of all, I collaged everything on BEFORE I realized that it was upside down!!! But I love it~~instead of a sunrise, it’s a sunset. And  the colors that I ended up choosing were the exact opposite of what I’d had planned…..but they’re beautiful in the way that the colors ‘pop.’………..I don’t know of many artists who not only collect these kinds of materials, but also share them with their students. I’m so happy with my work of art!” L.M.~Kailua

“As I tried to unravel the yarn that I wanted to use for my project, it kept getting ‘stuck & tangled’ every time I thought that I was making progress. But as I forged on, I realized that the getting stuck is really a metaphor about life. We ‘get stuck’ all the time, but we carry on. And when we stick with it, sometimes miraculous results unfold.” dr….Honolulu

“I found that this creative project felt to me kind of like a test~~like I’m really focused on doing a good job, but it’s not stressful, like a test would be. It’s the opposite feeling~~relaxing & good……………….I have all sorts of art projects that I mean to pull out & work on, but the TV or the bed always seems to win out……………… this was a great opportunity for me to be creative, have fun & bonding with everyone, & leave with a finished piece that I LOVE!!!………….L.M.~Pearl City


In sisterhood,

Susan, aka~Glitter Gypsy

The signs are up!

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Magdalena, The Peacock Gypsy by Susan Risse

Lent is 40 days and 40 nights, & that can feel like a LOOOONG time for some of us! Particularly, if we’ve “given up” something we REALLY enjoy, or have committed to an especially CHALLENGING endeavor!

Well, how about something enjoyable & “good for you,” too, to break it up just a bit!?

I’ve decided to offer a “Lenten Special” on my Retreat this weekend to try & help busy women take some time out for THEMSELVES. We’re so used to giving, but it is sometimes difficult to GIVE to ourselves!! An ironic thing that happens, though, (because most women aren’t used to giving to themselves first,) is that after you do it, you feel so much better about everything in your life! The side-affect is that you actually end up with MORE to give to others! Isn’t that great??!!

So, if you’d like to take me up on this special offer, here’s the deal. Offer #1–Do the entire 3 day/2 night Retreat (all-inclusive,) bring a FRIEND & room together (2 twin beds in the room) – BUY 1, get 1 FREE!!! (That means, essentially, that you’ll both be getting half off the price of the ENTIRE weekend!!! (Still all inclusive–$295.00 for 2 women!!) Offer #2– Drive up to the Monastery Saturday morning as early as you’d like, but the actual program will begin at 9:30a.m. (slight change from earlier schedule, due to logistics at the monastery,) & end at 4:30, with prayers & dinner following. Drive home. The cost for #2 is $70.00 , including dinner, (bring a sack lunch.) Now, how does that sound–creating something beautiful to take home & treasure (because YOU made it!,) being in community with other like-minded women, 65 acres of HEAVEN to roam with ocean views, mountain views, gorgeous peacocks strutting the grounds freely, & numerous bird species flying around & providing us with our beautiful background music !?

Call or email now to reserve your spot!!! Full details of the retreat are further down this page.

To those who have already signed up, there is a slight change to Saturday, due to logistics at the Monastery. Instead of  the 10:30-5:30 portion, it will be 9:30-4:30.

Hope to see you there!!!

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