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Join us for this fun & delicious workshop!

Limited to 9 students. $40. includes all of your materials, and you will leave with your one-of a-kind bag. Please Venmo @Susan-Risse-3 to save your spot.
Mexican Textile

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"Gifts From the Sea" Mandala

3 more days until my Mandala Workshop on 9/10/11. As I prepare for the workshop, I find myself “looking” with new eyes, at things that are Mandalas. The word mandala comes from the ancient Sanskrit & means “circle.” And there is a certain sacredness about what is in this circle. The circle part is significant, as a circle has no beginning or end, all parts are equal.

In Native American culture, all meetings are held in a circle, thereby giving each person an “equal voice.” Part of my teaching practice also includes the sacred circle. My teacher, mentor & coach, Shiloh Sophia McCloud taught me the ritual of “The Red Thread Circle” & I begin all of my “circles” with this practice. You’ll have to come to the workshops to really “get it”, but basically we begin our work in circle, sharing our voices & connecting with our symbolic red thread as a means of really connecting our vision & intention. It’s a really powerful & freeing exercise to begin & end our workshops in a connected & supportive way.

I’ve posted my “Gifts from the Sea Mandala” as another example of ways to be creative in the name of equality in the form of a circle. *Still time to sign up, right here!*

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Workshop #1: Mandalas

Hi Everyone! We had a fantastic time last weekend at my Open House/Studio Party!!! Interesting, fun, entertaining group of friends were in attendance, both old & new.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, I just wanted to remind you that there are still spaces available for our 1st workshop (next Saturday, Sept. 10th)–Theme~~Mandalas. Many people have asked me exactly what a Mandala is. That’s a very good question & it’s not a word one hears in daily conversation. If you click on the word “Mandala” on the Workshops blog, there is a definition there. But, simply put, Mandala means “circle.” Anything can be called a Mandala if it is circular & the intention is there. As an example, the Earth, the Womb, a platter of fruit in a beautiful circular pattern, & so on. In our case, we will be creating a Mandala of art. We will begin with a blank circular form that we will bless with paint, collage, glitter, ephemera, or any meaningful photographs, mementos, or objects of significance to you. There are no wrong or rights~~we’ll be creating from our hearts. I guarantee that you will leave with something that YOU LOVE! Sign up now~~if you sign up for all 4 workshops, you’ll save $50.00! I invite you create space in your life to “CREATE.”

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So Excited for my Open House/Studio Party THIS SATURDAY NIGHT 6-9pm! Just posting a teaser: Where do you think these photos were taken? I’ll give you the answer at the party! Bet you won’t even think of this place! See ya!

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