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Join me at The Fresh Cafe for the Spotty Dotty Party on April 26th from 5-10pm. $3.00 entry at the door gets you a diverse evening of live Music, Live Art and lots of wonderful local vendors like ME! (Pssst – if you wear polka dots it is only $2.00 at the door.) Browse through this one-stop-shop for local vintage & handmade fashion, art, music and more!

This is an all ages event featuring a prize raffle and Twister competition.

Enjoy the vibe, check out my new artwork and introduce yourself!

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Aloha All! February is going to be a full month!

Glitter Gypsy’s Art & Adventures is actively supporting local events and wants to share the fun with you. From film openings to Night Markets to On-line Art Workshops, the sparkle is being spread!

First of all, Glitter Gypsy’s Art and Adventures is thrilled to participate in the Hawaii premier of “The Hooping Life” this Thursday, February 2nd from 6-9pm at Arts @ Marks Garage

1159 Nu`uanu Avenue – Honolulu, HI 96813

The Hooping Life Film Screening is a fundraiser event raising awareness and funds.

50% of all proceeds to benefit GirlFest Hawaii

Susan Risse will be donating an original framed painting for the silent auction. She will also have a fun drawing for an art prize AND will be donating 1 Mentorship to an at-risk woman or girl. (all information gathered will be strictly confidential-details at event.)

The film documents the hula-hoop phenomenon and supports art, dance and culture and is brought to you by R(e)volve Hawaii and local sponsors like Glitter Gypsy, Susan Conrad Risse.

The night includes:

6-6:30pm         Welcome & Silent Auction Opens
6:40-6:50pm    LED Hoop Dance Performance by Revolve Hawaii
8:00-8:20 pm   Q&A with Anah aka Hoopalicious & Revolve Hawaii
8:20-9:00pm    DANCE PARTY! Hoops to try and music for the vibe!

—Silent Auction will close at 8:45 with winners announced at 8:50pm–

for more information and tickets, please visit: http://www.showclix.com/event/TheHoopingLifeFilmFundraiser

The following evening, Glitter Gypsy Art and Adventures takes you to a night market in Honolulu’s Chinatown District where you will discover more local artists! GYPSY NIGHT MARKET in Chinatown (Honolulu) for February’s First Friday Arts on February 3, 2012~~5:30-10:00p.m. We will be in the “Chinatown Courtyard” at 1109 Maunakea St, Honolulu, HI 96817. Come be a part of this eclectic and exotic event.

Finally, while this isn’t happening in February, you’ll want to plan now for what’s happening next:

“Angels In My Studio” Course will be featuring Susan Risse as a guest teacher in March. The transformational process of the art we create can be powerful. Join Susan as she shares her methods of both connecting with the divine and imparting its message through art. “Angels In My Studio” lessons will be delivered each month through embedded and downloadable video, audio, and written word. The first lesson will be released on May 1st. More details coming soon!

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The iDCard, created by Shawn Dohmen, has been providing great deals for local shoppers on a wide range of restaurants, activities and experiences.  http://www.islediscount.com. We are excited to now be part of the iDCard program!

Use your card on a Healing Art Experience, Transformational Art classes, Women’s Creative Spirituality Workshops, {group & private sessions available.} Wedding Rituals, “Ladies Night Out Arty Parties” & more! I will design the sessions around your goals. My art, jewelry & sculptural pieces are also available for purchase during your sessions, or at my quarterly Trunk Shows. You may also schedule a private showing, if your needs are more immediate. All iDCard holders will receive 20% off all services & merchandise!!

Come use your iDCard at our Holiday Art Show on 12/16/2011 from 6:00-9:00 pm at Glitter Gypsy Studios and you can browse my current inventory of original framed and unframed art, prints, cards, hand-made bowls, sculptures, hand-made jewelry, new, vintage and up-cycled one-of-a kind pieces during a wine and cheese reception.

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Shop for family and friends while sipping wine and getting a massage? YES!

Reminder – THIS Sunday

12/04/11 – 2:00-5:00 PM

Trunk Show

Wine and Cheese Reception

(with shopping & massage!)

Don’t forget – this Sunday at Glitter Gypsy Studios you can browse my current inventory of original framed and unframed art, prints, cards, hand-made bowls, sculptures, hand-made jewelry, new, vintage and up-cycled one-of-a kind pieces during a wine and cheese reception.


As a special treat –  Zahava Czara with Pacific Massage Group, will be offering Chair Massages as well as gift certificates for massage therapy. (808)-692-3777 – http://www.hikaicoc.comhttp://www.pacificmassagegroup.comhttp://www.massagenuikino.com


If you’re unable to attend, but know someone who would LOVE this contact me directly at Susan@glittergypsy.com  with your mailing address and requested amount. “Give the gift of ‘An Experience’ with a GIFT CERTIFICATE this year!” Available in $25.00 increments.




Glitter Gypsy Adventures

1007 Kaluanui Rd.

Hawaii Kai, HI 96825

http://www.glittergypsy.com  808-352-9145

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She Follows Her Heart Shrine

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I know that for some of us this day is very romantic, exciting, hot, loving…. I also know that for many more of us, it is depressing, disappointing, lonely, & vulnerable-feeling.

What I would like to propose for everyone is that it simply be a day for LOVE. And, no, you don’t have to fall into the media’s stereotypical image of love, which usually involves lots of candlelight, diamonds, sexy lingerie, kissing….et al, which is actually very beautiful & fabulous if you have it!!! It’s wonderful. However, life is not always in that spot for us on Feb. 14 & I’m here to say that that’s OK.

What I would like to offer to you is that the idea of LOVE can be more than just romantic love. There are all kinds of love available. There’s Mother-Love (& Father-Love,too.) There’s friendship love, animal love, volunteering love, family love, children’s love, spiritual love & so many, many more types of  love, the most important one, in my opinion, being SELF-LOVE. Because once you have that, no one can take that away from you!  And, yes, I know that that is not always the easiest of things to do. “I feel guilty; I don’t have time, that’s selfish, there’s too much to do, I’m too fat, I’m not worth it”, and on and on and on. But again, once we learn to accept ourselves, exactly as we are today, in this body, this skin-type, this neighborhood, this LIFE, we can begin, if only just begin ,to truly love ourselves. You know, Our Divine Creator made us one-of-a-kind–there’s no one else in the world exactly like us? One of my favorite quotes, by Oscar Wilde, is: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

And so today, on this Valentine’s Day of love, if you have someone, anyone, to love & to be loved by, take it….appreciate it. And if you don’t, (and you probably do if you really think about it,) just give out a little bit extra….. first to yourself, & then to somebody else. I guarantee you’ll feel better after you’ve done it! Love makes the world go ’round……..so don’t save it all up, there’s plenty more where that came from! Just do it!!! Show up for your beautiful life, & sprinkle glitter as you’re doing it (no one can resist glitter–trust me; I know! After all, I AM the GLITTER GYPSY!)

Love & Peace to all of my followers!


Glitter Gypsy

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Hi, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m so happy to announce that I am now exhibiting at Island Treasures Gallery in Hawaii Kai!! It is located in the Koko Marina Shopping Center (marina side) near Zippy’s & “Cookie’s Clothing Boutique” on Kalanianiole Hwy. at Lunalilo Home Rd. (Foodland Shopping Center.) Stop by & have a look! There is an amazing variety of local artwork in this HUGE gallery!

I’ve got sculpture, paintings, prints, & hand-made jewelry there. Come have a look– you won’t walk out empty-handed! There are so many beautiful items there, at every price point.

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Last week was my “filming like crazy” week. So much fun!

In the morning, I filmed my scene with Scott Caan (Dano) on Hawaii Five-O in Hawaii Kai. Yummy! Then, headed on over to Olelo Community Television in Palolo, Hawaii to shoot a “mediation scene” with the A-mazing Herman Stern!!

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As I lie here on my settee, in my quite small studio (but STUDIO, just the same,) the house is finally quiet. The children & husband are asleep, my best friend, Pono, ( our 8 month old Shar-pei mix,) is sleeping protectively at my side, & I now have a moment to reflect.
For some reason, I find myself feeling a little emotional at the moment, & I’m not quite sure why.

Feelings come & go–sometimes for very clear reasons and,at other times, reasons not so clear.
Alas, though, there are always reasons, which sometimes are revealed at a later, more appropriate time. I often find myself overwhelmed with emotion at transitional times. While the season of Christmas is a very joyous time for me, personally, it is also a season of often overwhelming expectations. Personal expectations, familial expectations, religious expectations, and job expectations often suck the pure joy out of the season, replacing it with exhaustion and burnout. Even though I have intentionally played down the element of material giving for the past several years, some things still seems to creep up on me. Children, of which I have two (8 & 11) are VERY excited about this whole buildup that they’ve been waiting for for an entire year! They even get out of school for at least two weeks, which MUST make it really special! Their expectations are high, and, therefore, being a normal, guilt-ridden parent of my era, I fall for it hook, line, & sinker. But herein lies the problem. I tell myself that I will not overindulge, but then suddenly, when it’s too late for on-line, on-time shipping costs, I begin to realize that I have, indeed, overlooked a few details in my quest for freedom. Which always involves last minute trips to local shops & (gasp) THE MALL, where everything has, indeed, been picked over, or requires excessive shipping costs.

During this season, also comes my birth-day, 12/12. This is also the Feast Day of the Virgen of Guadalupe. I’ve set up a shrine to celebrate her, and am so honored to have been born on Her Feast Day.

In addition, my daughter’s b-day is on 12/29 & my Father’s on 12/28; not to mention New Years Eve. & New Years Day. Oh, and did I mention that we are having out- of -town guests from12/10-12/18, & again on 12/23-12/26??

Yes, & there’s also the preparation for my 12/17-12/19 Art Show, which I am organizing as we speak; also my Honolulu debut, as I’ve only been here a year.

And here I am launching a blog/web site in the middle of all of this! Nobody said that life would be all neat & orderly & perfectly timed, so I CHOOSE to take advantage of opportunities as they arise in my life if they are RIGHT. If they are not, I postpone or release them. This was THE time for me to do this, & all of the aforementioned things.

I now choose what is right for me & when, then proceed. It wasn’t always this way for me, but I have now CHOSEN to take the reins of my own destiny. I listen to my inner voice, rather than the external coercions. To do so is peaceful and satisfying. Try saying “Yes” to your inner voice during this most Sacred of seasons, as it is for so many of us & “No, Thank You,” to that which doesn’t serve you well on your most personal journey. I know that so many women out there are feeling so overwhelmed, under appreciated, & unworthy at this time ( it’s actually documented,) but at what cost? I am personally choosing, TODAY, to move forward through December with grace & joy! Won’t you please join me on this revolutionary decision??!!  I’ve been amazed in the past when I have done this, how things miraculously “work out.” People will ” step up , ” when necessity arises. The days of “Superwoman” are over, Ladies. It just took too much away from the true joy of life.
So– this Holiday Season, I challenge each of you reading this to ask for help, hire help, or take advantage of the loads of pre-prepared DELICIOUS meals out there that you can heat and serve, put on your own platters, and no one will know the difference!  I just want women to be happy again! , rather than trying to be the PERFECT MOM, wife, entertainer, housekeeper, employee, etc., etc.! We deserve to be served & valued for WHO we are, not how moist our turkey came out this year!!

Love, fun, & blessings to you during this beautiful season,

With love & a sprinkling of glitter on top,

Happy Holidays to all of you!!!,

Glitter Gypsy

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Welcome to Glitter Gypsy’s Adventures!!! I’m so glad that you could come on over! I’m really excited to be out here in the virtual glitter world with all of you. Well, if you read my biography, you probably got a taste of what I’m all about. My missions in life are to create art, spread beauty, glitter, fun and love around the world.

When I create a piece, be they a painting, a piece of jewelry, or a sculpture, I’m thinking about making the world a better place. Really! You know that feeling when you see, feel or experience something that makes you feel really good, I believe we need more of those experiences. I want to give you all a beautiful, tiny permission slip ( so that it will fit anywhere– your purse, pocket, or your cleavage, for that matter,) to allow yourselves to do what makes YOU feel awesome, beautiful, and powerful. Because power is really an illusion.

You know when you have it, and you don’t really care what other people think of you, because you’re being authentic and real. Now that’s authentic power. Once you tap into your own power, talents, and gifts, no one can take that away from you. Because you own it. And then, when you sprinkle glitter all over it, people can’t resist you! Make a date with your girlfriends this weekend and encourage femininity and FUN! You’ll be so glad you did! Check in often–I’d love to hear your comments!…….

Aloha…….Glitter Gypsy Mama……..

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