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Hi, everybody! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!!
Where do I begin? It has just been a whirlwind of activities, experiences, highs, lows, & everything in between for the past 2 months.
I have been riding high on my puffy, glittery clouds way up in the stratosphere for the past few months, on my journey to my reality, & having loads of fun along the way. My amazing trip to Mexico & CA, as well as putting on “The Women’s Spiritual Creativity Retreat” in Hawaii from April 8-10, 2011 really had me on a high of doing the type of work that I really want to be doing in my life. Everything went so smoothly, was rewarding & fun & left me with a huge dose of self-confidence to continue forward on this journey.
As I said earlier, I returned from Mexico, reunited with my family, & spent time with them reconnecting for several days. The following weekend was the retreat I had been planning on the North Shore of Oahu. So, with all of my goods packed up in the “gypsy wagon,” I embarked on my next adventure.
Drove up to the North Shore of Oahu (the island where I live) to the beautiful, magical “Benedictine Monastery of Hawaii,” where I would be spending the next several days. I checked into my room, with the adjoining suite, where the actual activities would be happening. Fine-tuned the schedule, & placed a copy in everyone’s room. I decorated the room with brightly colored scarves & tapestries, lit lots of candles, & scattered my artwork throughout the room to “set the tone.”
The guests began arriving one by one, checking into their private rooms, settling in, eating, attending prayer vigils, and the like, before we were to meet in the “suite” for opening Red Thread Ceremony.
Alas, we began. We passed the red thread of connection & spoke a bit about ourselves & why we were here. After having connected, we all went to our rooms for sleep, meditation, or contemplation, (whatever was needed for each individual.)
The next day, we met again to begin creating our own personal nichos– Mexican tin & glass alters, or shrines, to work on whatever was on our heart that weekend. Everyone was successful, receiving clarity & enlightenment in physical form, in what they had created. Openings & illuminations poured forth from the nichos AND the women. We continued our work on Sunday, & had our closing ceremony mid-afternoon. We all shared & cried & laughed about our experiences that weekend. No one left feeling empty or unenlightened. It was a magical experience, & I thank all of the participants, as well as the Benedictine Community for sharing a bit of themselves with me.
Which, brings me to the title of this post. Please check out cosmiccowgirlsmagazine.wordpress.com for the latest article, featuring moi, Glitter Gypsy, written by the amazingly talented Elizabeth Gibbons, Queen of Glitter, to learn more about me & what I’m up to!
Thank you, Elizabeth, Shiloh, & all of the amazing women behind this magazine, for the honor of being featured this month….. And for the privilege of working with you

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Hi there! I’d like to announce “The Women’s Creativity Retreat,” that I’ll be facilitating on 4/8/11- 4/10/11. A weekend retreat  with on-site accommodations (4/8-4/10.) It will be held at the beautiful & peaceful setting of the Benedictine Monastery of Hawaii. Sixty-five acres of lush, green mountainous terrain, with a 180 degree view of the vast Pacific Ocean, high up on a hill will await you. Peacocks, pet dogs & many bird species roam freely on the grounds. Grottos, fountains, trails, & viewpoints invite you to sit & linger for a while, leaving the everyday issues & stressors behind. Located on Oahu’s beautiful North Shore.

We will begin Friday evening by checking into our rooms & the retreat & join later for our Opening Circle. A peaceful nights sleep  then awaits you.

Saturday morning, we will begin our creative workshop/retreat at approximately 10:30. We will be exploring various artforms as tools & portals to connect more deeply with our own souls, thus allowing God to permeate & fill our hearts with what is needed for us at this time. The more open we are to receiving God’s love & messages, the more that we will be able to take away. We will complete by 5:30 pm. Another restful night awaits you.

Sunday, we will join the Benedictine Community for Mass & prayer times, breakfast & lunch. After lunch, we will meet for our closing ceremony & departure. Please feel free however to roam the majestic grounds, stop for a while in the grotto, meditate on the blue swing, absorbing the incredible beauty of this facility & depart when you’re ready. You will leave feeling as if you have been on a week’s vacation– the facility is THAT special! Although the monastery sits on 65 acres of Prime Land, the facility itself is quite small & private, making this a very intimate  group with lots of individualized attention. Slots will fill up quickly, as there are limited accomodations. Please sign up early to ensure a space!

This 3 day/ 2 night retreat is ALL -inclusive–3 meals/day/3 days/ 2 nights accommodations, all prayer services & masses, the complete workshop,( Including All materials–everything!) Fee for the entire weekend, all- inclusive, is $295.00, if you pay right away in full. Or– you can pay $50.00 to hold your spot,  then make payments up until the star of the retreat. All bills must be paid in full before u depart

*Personal coaching & guidance will be available, as well, on an appointment based schedule, (spaces are limited, so please book early!)

Space is very limited at this facility, so please book early, especially if you’d like to stay over.

This will be a wonderful, spiritual, creative retreat, designed just for today’s woman–overworked, stressed out, exhausted, always giving, & left wondering: “what’s it all for? I’m looking for something “more” in my life.”

Come recharge your batteries for YOU! you really NEED & DESERVE  THIS!!!

Feel free to email me with any questions!

**For those of you who may be considering flying over here, I would STRONGLY encourage this. The rooms are very  affordable, & the retreat can be the icing on the cake!! You can experience the serenity of the retreat & then head over to the “action” of Honolulu for a few days. That would be an ideal vacation!!! If you need any assistance with booking a hotel, feel free to send me an email.


Glitter Gypsy

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