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Join me at The Fresh Cafe for the Spotty Dotty Party on April 26th from 5-10pm. $3.00 entry at the door gets you a diverse evening of live Music, Live Art and lots of wonderful local vendors like ME! (Pssst – if you wear polka dots it is only $2.00 at the door.) Browse through this one-stop-shop for local vintage & handmade fashion, art, music and more!

This is an all ages event featuring a prize raffle and Twister competition.

Enjoy the vibe, check out my new artwork and introduce yourself!

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Aloha All! February is going to be a full month!

Glitter Gypsy’s Art & Adventures is actively supporting local events and wants to share the fun with you. From film openings to Night Markets to On-line Art Workshops, the sparkle is being spread!

First of all, Glitter Gypsy’s Art and Adventures is thrilled to participate in the Hawaii premier of “The Hooping Life” this Thursday, February 2nd from 6-9pm at Arts @ Marks Garage

1159 Nu`uanu Avenue – Honolulu, HI 96813

The Hooping Life Film Screening is a fundraiser event raising awareness and funds.

50% of all proceeds to benefit GirlFest Hawaii

Susan Risse will be donating an original framed painting for the silent auction. She will also have a fun drawing for an art prize AND will be donating 1 Mentorship to an at-risk woman or girl. (all information gathered will be strictly confidential-details at event.)

The film documents the hula-hoop phenomenon and supports art, dance and culture and is brought to you by R(e)volve Hawaii and local sponsors like Glitter Gypsy, Susan Conrad Risse.

The night includes:

6-6:30pm         Welcome & Silent Auction Opens
6:40-6:50pm    LED Hoop Dance Performance by Revolve Hawaii
8:00-8:20 pm   Q&A with Anah aka Hoopalicious & Revolve Hawaii
8:20-9:00pm    DANCE PARTY! Hoops to try and music for the vibe!

—Silent Auction will close at 8:45 with winners announced at 8:50pm–

for more information and tickets, please visit: http://www.showclix.com/event/TheHoopingLifeFilmFundraiser

The following evening, Glitter Gypsy Art and Adventures takes you to a night market in Honolulu’s Chinatown District where you will discover more local artists! GYPSY NIGHT MARKET in Chinatown (Honolulu) for February’s First Friday Arts on February 3, 2012~~5:30-10:00p.m. We will be in the “Chinatown Courtyard” at 1109 Maunakea St, Honolulu, HI 96817. Come be a part of this eclectic and exotic event.

Finally, while this isn’t happening in February, you’ll want to plan now for what’s happening next:

“Angels In My Studio” Course will be featuring Susan Risse as a guest teacher in March. The transformational process of the art we create can be powerful. Join Susan as she shares her methods of both connecting with the divine and imparting its message through art. “Angels In My Studio” lessons will be delivered each month through embedded and downloadable video, audio, and written word. The first lesson will be released on May 1st. More details coming soon!

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Hi, my glitter gypsies! How are you today? I am very well, thank you! I want to send out a BIG MAHALO to all of the beautiful women & girls who attended my 1st retreat of the Fall Series on 9/10/11! We had a terrific time & everyone left with a finished Mandala that they all really loved! It was so fascinating to watch while each person created something from their own heART, not really knowing the outcome, but trusting in the process. Lots of support & inspiration were flowing freely & lovingly. The Mandalas all turned out very differently, reflecting the personal journeys that each person was on.

We began in a Ritual, known as “the Red Thread Ceremony.” Many years ago, my teacher, mentor & artist extraordinaire, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, introduced me to this ritual & passed it on to me to share with even more women. It is a way of creating a vessel, or sacred space, to hold all of us safely in the arms of freedom to create that which is wanting to be expressed, even if we’re not sure exactly what that is. It was a beautiful & blessed day, to be sure.

Again, I would like to thank all of the women & girls who joined me on 9/10/11! Which brings me to the next workshop on 10/01/11, 10:30-5:30 again. This time, we will be creating 3-dimensional shrines (or memory boxes.)An amazing workshop that you won’t want to miss!!! Just go to the Home Page & click on Personal Shrines & Memory Boxes button & all of the details are there. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Sign up early, & get a discount + save your spot! Hope to see you there!!!

P.S. Within the next few days, I will be posting A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT/OPPORTUNITY! It is very exciting how the Universe plopped this into my lap, as I am open & flowing & following my heART , even if I’m not sure where it’s leading me…… Mahalo…..Glitter Gypsy

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"Our Lady of Peace and Love"~~Dedicated to World Peace & Love on this 10th Anniversary of 9/11/2001

On this very significant weekend of not only the 10 year anniversary of the tragedy of 9/11/2001, but also, the numerical significance of the date tomorrow(9/10/11), as well as the “Full Moon in Virgo”, there is definitely a lot of energy moving around in the Universe.

Last night, I was up into the wee hours finishing this painting, “Our Lady of Peace and Love”~~dedicated to WORLD Peace and Love on this, the anniversary weekend of 9/11/2001.

I really wanted to go to sleep, as I need my rest to be ready to lead my “Women’s Creative Spirituality Workshop” this weekend. But, for some reason, this beautiful Lady kept calling out to me in Her gentle & loving way. “I need you to finish this, BEFORE this MOST SIGNIFICANT weekend to spread love & peace in the World. THEY NEED ME & this is something that you can do, in your own small way, to be a part of that POSITIVE energy.” So I listened, & I did it & here She is!

I’d also like to invite you to be a part of this “POSITIVE ENERGY MOVEMENT” with ME tomorrow at my Workshop! I REALLY want you all to come! This time, don’t worry @ $$. Payment plans & scholarships are available. This is about something BIGGER for me, for US. Please sign up, I will make it work!

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"Gifts From the Sea" Mandala

3 more days until my Mandala Workshop on 9/10/11. As I prepare for the workshop, I find myself “looking” with new eyes, at things that are Mandalas. The word mandala comes from the ancient Sanskrit & means “circle.” And there is a certain sacredness about what is in this circle. The circle part is significant, as a circle has no beginning or end, all parts are equal.

In Native American culture, all meetings are held in a circle, thereby giving each person an “equal voice.” Part of my teaching practice also includes the sacred circle. My teacher, mentor & coach, Shiloh Sophia McCloud taught me the ritual of “The Red Thread Circle” & I begin all of my “circles” with this practice. You’ll have to come to the workshops to really “get it”, but basically we begin our work in circle, sharing our voices & connecting with our symbolic red thread as a means of really connecting our vision & intention. It’s a really powerful & freeing exercise to begin & end our workshops in a connected & supportive way.

I’ve posted my “Gifts from the Sea Mandala” as another example of ways to be creative in the name of equality in the form of a circle. *Still time to sign up, right here!*

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Workshop #1: Mandalas

Hi Everyone! We had a fantastic time last weekend at my Open House/Studio Party!!! Interesting, fun, entertaining group of friends were in attendance, both old & new.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, I just wanted to remind you that there are still spaces available for our 1st workshop (next Saturday, Sept. 10th)–Theme~~Mandalas. Many people have asked me exactly what a Mandala is. That’s a very good question & it’s not a word one hears in daily conversation. If you click on the word “Mandala” on the Workshops blog, there is a definition there. But, simply put, Mandala means “circle.” Anything can be called a Mandala if it is circular & the intention is there. As an example, the Earth, the Womb, a platter of fruit in a beautiful circular pattern, & so on. In our case, we will be creating a Mandala of art. We will begin with a blank circular form that we will bless with paint, collage, glitter, ephemera, or any meaningful photographs, mementos, or objects of significance to you. There are no wrong or rights~~we’ll be creating from our hearts. I guarantee that you will leave with something that YOU LOVE! Sign up now~~if you sign up for all 4 workshops, you’ll save $50.00! I invite you create space in your life to “CREATE.”

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  A Special Invitation

Open House/Art Studio Party





Please come and join Susan Risse (a.k.a.:Glitter Gypsy )pool-side

at her Open House/Art Studio Party 6:00pm on August 27,2011.

Glitter Gypsy  is opening her house and art studio located at:

1007 Kaluanui Rd. in

Hawaii Kai, HI 96825.

 Celebrating her latest and upcoming

“Women’s Creative Spirituality Workshops!”

 Come and meet Glitter Gypsy in person, roam

around the studio and lanais,  rubbing elbows

with the artist and her guests. Get a real “feel” for her, the art and her

mission. Feel free to ask questions about the art, the workshops and her high-

er purpose. 

Relax and enjoy a glass of wine or a soft drink with some pupus.

              Bring a friend, everyone is welcome!

“Art is the mirror of the soul.”


I will be offering a series of 4 workshops this fall.

Every workshop will have a different theme and you
will leave with a finished piece of art, which YOU created!
Our art will be “Soul-Centered & Heart-Created.” This
means: that we’re not just trying to paint or create
something “pretty,” we are actually going to dig way down deep into our
souls and find out what it is we need to express and then create it from
our hearts.
NO ART CRITICS will be there, so FEEL FREE to explore your conscious
and subconscious feelings, enabling you to express and create
whatever you would like. A nurturing and inspiring
environment will allow you to create freely without judgment.
I can’t wait to meet you all!!!
                     ***SAVE THESE DATES***     
                       ***10:30AM – 5:30PM***

    9/10/11   1st  Workshop: Theme:

                                        “Mandalas.”In the Mandalic

                                         Tradition,the Mandala is the

                                         Woman, the Mother Earth…

 10/01/11  2nd Workshop: Theme:

                                       “Personal Shrines/Memory Boxes”

                                       ”Personal Shrines/ Memory Boxes

                                       are physical objects created

                                       by families with the help of a 

                                       facilitator,in which they store family

                                       memories in the form of ; photographs,

                                       letters, stories…


    10/29/11  3rd Workshop: Theme:

                                      “Nichos.” A Nicho is an object

                                      of  Latin American Folk Art

                                      made from mixed media and

                                      traditionally combines the elements

                                      of spirituality and popular culture… 

   12/03/11  4th Workshop: Theme:

                                          “Ritual Cleansing.” We will

                                           create an organic, natural

                                           vessel that we will use to

                                           “release” or “let go of” something

                                           that no longer  serves us… 

                              INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOPS:


                      SERIES OF ALL 4 WORKSHOPS:


*BYOB:Bring Your Own Box or Tin for Shrine/Memory Box if you do not have one, a variety will be available to purchase.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   * Only $25.00 will hold your spot for any class. Balance due 2 weeks prior to start date. ( Pay in FULL for any class & save 10%!!!)        *** SO, you can take a single  workshop , or the entire series of 4 & save $50.00!!!

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