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  A Special Invitation

Open House/Art Studio Party





Please come and join Susan Risse (a.k.a.:Glitter Gypsy )pool-side

at her Open House/Art Studio Party 6:00pm on August 27,2011.

Glitter Gypsy  is opening her house and art studio located at:

1007 Kaluanui Rd. in

Hawaii Kai, HI 96825.

 Celebrating her latest and upcoming

“Women’s Creative Spirituality Workshops!”

 Come and meet Glitter Gypsy in person, roam

around the studio and lanais,  rubbing elbows

with the artist and her guests. Get a real “feel” for her, the art and her

mission. Feel free to ask questions about the art, the workshops and her high-

er purpose. 

Relax and enjoy a glass of wine or a soft drink with some pupus.

              Bring a friend, everyone is welcome!

“Art is the mirror of the soul.”


I will be offering a series of 4 workshops this fall.

Every workshop will have a different theme and you
will leave with a finished piece of art, which YOU created!
Our art will be “Soul-Centered & Heart-Created.” This
means: that we’re not just trying to paint or create
something “pretty,” we are actually going to dig way down deep into our
souls and find out what it is we need to express and then create it from
our hearts.
NO ART CRITICS will be there, so FEEL FREE to explore your conscious
and subconscious feelings, enabling you to express and create
whatever you would like. A nurturing and inspiring
environment will allow you to create freely without judgment.
I can’t wait to meet you all!!!
                     ***SAVE THESE DATES***     
                       ***10:30AM – 5:30PM***

    9/10/11   1st  Workshop: Theme:

                                        “Mandalas.”In the Mandalic

                                         Tradition,the Mandala is the

                                         Woman, the Mother Earth…

 10/01/11  2nd Workshop: Theme:

                                       “Personal Shrines/Memory Boxes”

                                       ”Personal Shrines/ Memory Boxes

                                       are physical objects created

                                       by families with the help of a 

                                       facilitator,in which they store family

                                       memories in the form of ; photographs,

                                       letters, stories…


    10/29/11  3rd Workshop: Theme:

                                      “Nichos.” A Nicho is an object

                                      of  Latin American Folk Art

                                      made from mixed media and

                                      traditionally combines the elements

                                      of spirituality and popular culture… 

   12/03/11  4th Workshop: Theme:

                                          “Ritual Cleansing.” We will

                                           create an organic, natural

                                           vessel that we will use to

                                           “release” or “let go of” something

                                           that no longer  serves us… 

                              INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOPS:


                      SERIES OF ALL 4 WORKSHOPS:


*BYOB:Bring Your Own Box or Tin for Shrine/Memory Box if you do not have one, a variety will be available to purchase.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   * Only $25.00 will hold your spot for any class. Balance due 2 weeks prior to start date. ( Pay in FULL for any class & save 10%!!!)        *** SO, you can take a single  workshop , or the entire series of 4 & save $50.00!!!


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Hi frIends! I must apologize for being out of the loop for a few weeks. It’s been a whirlwind adventure month, & believe me, I will give you all of the succulent details soon! Teaser: Mexico City, Virgen of Guadalupe, art colony, San Miguel de Allende, nichos, travel, crises, led Retreat of my own, new crisis, contraction of possible current “Norwalk Virus??” ( in limbo right now), out of town guests this past weekend, Nation Wide Executives from my husband’s company coming here to my house for wine & cheese before dinner, I’m incapacitated sick & can’t prepare in my traditional hostess ways, have been told that it’s handled, p/u kids after school, p/u secretary’s daughter on way home to assist her…

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