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December 17-19, 2010I know that the universe is shifting–And I’ve actually been really happy about it. But in the past few days,my gosh, things have gone haywire!!! Am I the only one feeling this??!!

Today, for example, @ the dentist’s office, I was there for more than 2 hrs.!!! And I have to go back tomorrow! We went to Panda Express @ 4:30ish (early, by anyone’s standard!), & everything was all chaotic & disorganized, which was unusual, because it normally runs like a well-oiled machine!

Appts. that I had today needed to be shifted to tomorrow, because of “conflicts, et. al” ¬†& ¬†everything was just a little bit “off.”

Conflicts at home, conflicts w/ the kids, conflicts “out there” that I’ve been reading & hearing about, disruptions in the earth/ countries/ governments–wow, this is different!!! I know that change is good; & I actually like change. But, for someone such as me, who is uber-sensitive, & even physically & emotionally ¬†connected to the vibration of the Universe, something is just “different.” I’m not sure as to exactly what it is, but I am willing to “go with the flow & see where it leads me.”

Each day dawns anew, & I shall patiently await what tomorrow will bring!


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